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Customised & Removable PET liners for all applications. These liners can be coated with silicone on one side or both, and used for shielding tape, PET protective film, PSA, D/S tape, AR film, optical film, etc.

The two most in-demand product types, available in various colours, are:

Firm anchorage type, with slip or non-slip
Air exposable type

The liners are available in a wide range of thickness to perfectly suit perforation and converting processes.

Optional items on offer include: printable film, antistatic-treated for dust free application, which we produce in a Class 100 cleanroom that has the latest, state-of-the-art multi-coaters; ultra thin & low tack adhesive coated to act as carrier film, transfer film or removal release film for automatic assembly assist.

CR 离型膜/离型纸

可根据需要定制可移除的PET离型纸。防护带、PET保护膜、PSA、D/S带、AR膜、透明光学膜等可以作单面成双 面硅涂覆供之用。

可提供消滑或非消滑式的稳固型式,具有稳定的离型度力和低逐加度,多种颜色可曝露在空气型一般是我们客户需 要的产品。