Quality Control : Our Quality Control teams continually carry out Incoming, In-process and Out-going quality checks to ascertain that only quality products are delivered to our customers. 

Commitment to Excellence
To meet the growing demand for “Clean Products”, we have invested in a Class 1000 Clean Room enclosed environment. We manufacture Protection Film in such a facility to ensure dust-free, premium-quality Protection Film. We are proud to be among the very few manufacturers in Asia with this facility.

Clean Room : The staff passes through the Air Shower before entering the clean room as a measure of dust control. Even raw materials are also required to pass through the Air Shower.

Research & Development : We emphasize on Research & Development by investing in the best staff, equipments and know-how to ensure that we keep abreast of technological changes to provide custom solutions to our customers.



品管 我们的品管团队时时刻刻都在为我们的进料,生产过程和出货进行认真有效的品检,以确保高品质的产品送到客户手中。

为了迎合对“净洁产品”要求的增长,我们投资建造了闭式环境的1000 级无尘室,用于生产干净无尘,高品质的保护膜。我们为拥有在本地区少有的这种设备深感自豪。

无尘室 :员工和原材料要进入无尘室就必须要先通过 空气喷淋,作为对 尘埃的管控。

研究与开发 :我们通过对员工,设备和知识各方面的投资来加强我们的研究与开发,唯有这样才能确保我们与科技并进,为客户提供个别的解决方案。